Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Smattering of Randomness

A Smattering of Randomness

It has been an interesting weekend. To say the very least, it has been interesting.

I'll try to give the "Blogger's Digest" version to keep it short!

Friday: Wake up with the whole left side of my face swollen and in pain. No idea what it was, but the hole in my jawbone where my "not yet wisdom teeth" were taken out is still killing me. By evening, I had enough drugs and what not in me to get on with some retouching. (Example below!)

Saturday: I had a really great photoshoot with Rudigo that was heavily based on concept. I'm quite fond of the results, but the finished product will take me a while because I'm going to have to learn a few new retouching skills for these sets! (sneaky peak below)

Sunday: Today has been odd. One of those days where you just have so much to do, but just can't seem to focus at all. In the end I got a few things done and even played with my toys a bit. (Photo below :P) Finished out the evening with sushi and "Lost". (FTW)

Anyway, here's the weekend in photos:

Friday - Retouching:

Saturday - Photoshoot with Rudigo (Sneaky Peak):

Sunday - Playing with Toys:

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  1. I was hoping for a self portrait of your swollen face :-P


  2. HAHA! I was going to, then I realized it wasn't as visible as it felt. Though you could see the lymph nodes sticking out of my neck! ;)