Saturday, 7 March 2009

Flickr Friday: Amanda Recker

Flickr Friday: Amanda Recker

Okay, so it's actually early Saturday afternoon. I learned a valuable blogging lesson this week. That is to make sure that these weekly features are planned well in advance. Flickr Friday WILL appear on FRIDAY next week!

Now, on with the show!

One of my favourite aspects of photography on the internet is watching people grow as photographers! So this week, I will be sharing a someone from my contact list who's stream shows incredible growth as a photographer.

Amanda Recker

Amanda's photostream is a joyous conglomeration of many different types of photography: Portraits, still life, weddings, art, etc etc. Certainly, there is something in there that will catch your eye.

A few examples:

Some lovely floweriness:

Contrast (by Amanda Recker)

Some thoughtful self-portraitiness:

Yashica Project Self Portrait 2 (by Amanda Recker)

And a cross between artiness and self portraitiness:

Me (by Amanda Recker)

Images © 2009 Amanda Recker. All Rights Reserved. Published here with explicit written permission.

If that's not enough to catch your interest, than I must apologise; however, if it has headon over to her Flickr account and show her some love.

For even more of Amanda's goodness, be sure to check her blog and for all the tweeples out there, follow her here: @amandarecker


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