Wednesday, 18 March 2009

London Calling

London Calling

Why is it that everything seems to be in London? London, London, London, London!!!!

Some days it's enough to drive me insane. First you log into Model Mayhem and check for new members only to get 25 results for London and 5 for the rest of the country.

Then check all the other sites. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Then you start looking in to specific jobs. London.

Then you start seeing some awesome gallery exhibitions. London.

Then people you know from around the globe are visiting this country. London.

London, London, London.

Every thing is in bloody London and I can't get there. Even if I could I couldn't stay long enough to do anything with my time there.

This is something that's long been ingrained into my head and it's an issue I would really like to sort out. But for right now, I really need to let it go. I know I can't get there. I know I can't stay there. I know I need to leave it.

/endrant (for now)

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  1. Why can't you go??? I LOVE London - it's freakin great.

  2. Travelling 2-3 hours here is a completely different animal to travelling 2-3 hours over there. It's an expensive and thoroughly time consuming expedition. Not as easy as it sounds basically. :(