Sunday, 15 March 2009

Flickr Friday: Molly Wassenaar

Flickr Friday: Molly Wassenaar

Okay, so this week it's Sunday. I'm less than pleased about that; however, with the week I've had I will allow myself a slight slip there.

Anyway, this week on Flickr Friday I have a real treat in store for you. One of the most talented photographers that I'm aware of, Molly Wassenaar has a photostream to die for.

HDR your thing? She adopted it early on and her stream is full of masterpieces! Medium format film your thing? Her Hassy will kick the Hassy out of your Hassy.

I'm seriously going to stop talking now.

Seeing is believing and you really really have to see her work! Here's a few examples:

Help relight the Photosuperstar (by Molly Wassenaar)

v24terry (by Molly Wassenaar)

Untitled (by Molly Wassenaar)
Images © 2009 Molly Wassenaar. All Rights Reserved. Published here with explicit written permission.

That should have got your attention. Go, give her the attention her absolutely inspiring flickrstream commands!

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