Friday, 20 March 2009

Flickr Friday: Phil Winterbourne

Flickr Friday: Phil Winterbourne

Okay, it must be time to stop talking about myself again:

For this week's installment of "Rampaging Ferrets Meandering Through The Cotswalds In Rickety Skodas" I would like to fully divert your attention to the wonderfully varied and visually euphoric gallery of Phil Winterbourne

Once you find your eyeballs burrowing deep within the photographic awesomeness that is this photostream, you will, hopefully, quickly come to realize exactly why I've sent you there!

From stunning landscapes to phenomenal gritty editorial fashion and portraiture, it is clear that this guy loves his camera and that it also loves him back. Seriously, after having a perusal of Phil's stream, I challenge you disagree that this stellar body of work really serves to illustrate the passion of the man behind the light-tight box.

Enough! Onto examples:

Man at Arms (by Phil Winterbourne)

Road Kill (by Phil Winterbourne)

Very Cheap Hotel! (by Phil Winterbourne)
Images © 2009 Phil Winterbourne. All Rights Reserved. Published here with explicit written permission.

Well, I honestly hope that this have served to entice you into visiting Phil on Flickr!

And for an even more enjoyable experience, do visit his website at

Oh, and a little side note, if you're familiar with my work before visiting Phil, you may very well recognise some of the models he has worked with.

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