Monday, 23 February 2009

I Love Dyed Hair

I Love Dyed Hair

After reading a blog post by a good friend of mine, Jennifer Brindley, where she outlined her thoughts on dying her hair orange (she's also quite the talented portrait photographer herself), I instantly remembered how much I love hair dye of the extreme variety. I always have; from my long-haired teenage years to these days as an aspiring fashion photographer. I love it.

It's true. I absolutely love vivid colours. A weird thought coming from a guy who's entire wardrobe is almost exclusively made of black, blue, dark red and dark green. When it comes to photos; however, the brighter, the punchier, the more vibrant the better. When it comes to fashion, there isn't much better.

Here's a selection from my portfolio:


Rudigo (by macjw2)

Black, Pink and Platinum:

Miss Cobweb (by macjw2)


Nick (by macjw2)

Very Red:

Venusian Queen (by macjw2)

Very Very Red:

Cake (by macjw2)

Blue (Okay, this one's a wig!):

Gothic Lolita (by macjw2)


Miss Trixie Rose (by macjw2)


Jilly (by macjw2)

Yes Sir, I do love some brightly coloured hair!

Oh and Jenn, I have a suspicion that Milla Jovovich might be solely responsible for all of this!

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